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La Magia de Kodály

La Magia de Kodaly invites music teachers to rediscover the true essence of quality music education and the tools and strategies needed to attain rich musical experiences, as well as profound and meaningful musical understanding with their students. Teachers will learn about Zoltán Kodály, his vision for a world where all children receive quality music education, and where musical learning can begin with the heart.  Author and teacher Lydia Mills shares her own experience teaching in the classroom, the treasured songs she has learned and used for decades with Spanish speaking students, as well as the art of lesson planning, building new knowledge upon what was learned yesterday.  Open the book to begin a journey in a new music education filled with joy, connecting the hearts of our students.

«…Music is an indispensable part of universal human culture. Those who do not have musical knowledge have an imperfect intellectual development. Without music there is no complete integral man…»

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